Steel Retaining Wall

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At Conview, we pride ourselves on providing only the best quality products and services for your project. All of our material has an ACRS certificate, meaning you can have confidence in the quality, strength and ability of our products. Our team ensure the stock from our dedicated facility in China is compliant with Australian standards and ready to be used at your site.

All of our products can be cut according to the length you require and will be delivered in a timely fashion. Our team has over 10 years’ experience in providing the Australian construction industry and has always maintained competitive pricing.

Conview Victoria has a variety of products to suit your needs and specifications. Use the phone number below to get in contact regarding your project today. Our experienced group can answer every question and provide support throughout the entire process.

The benefits of a steel retaining wall

Are you building over multiple levels or on uneven ground? Then you should be considering a steel retaining wall. They are vital to maintaining the integrity of the terrain. Retaining walls are designed to keep the landscape surrounding your property or project, stable and under control. In many situations, they’re used to prevent erosion and can also provide flood control. If you’re constructing on a surface that lacks shrubs or trees to hold soil, then you may need to consider a structurally supportive wall to underpin your construction.

The benefits are endless, but some key advantages are:

Our products can be delivered directly to your site with fully primed or galvanised steels that will be the backbone of your retaining wall. With our extensive range and economical pricing, you’ll be using Conview Victoria for all of your jobs.

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No matter what kind of project you’re working on: big or small, our team of professional, business and steel specialists can help. We service the construction industry with experience in both residential and commercial projects.

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