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Conview Victoria is your one stop shop for value-for-money structural steel products. Our team has over 10 years’ experience working within the Australian steel industry and prides itself on sourcing and delivering only the best quality work.

Based in Melbourne, Conview uses a dedicated facility in China to manufacture all its steel at an economical price point. Combining our knowledge, experience and eye for quality – we have helped countless customers. We work together to maintain high quality control for our orders and a smooth purchasing process for our clients.

Our team is professional and organized – managing every aspect of your steel order from manufacturing and supply, to delivery. We can even deliver directly to your construction site. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help.

Australian standard galvanised steel lintels

We source a variety of products directly from our factory in China and one such product is steel lintels. Lintels are vital to providing additional support above doors or windows. They are extremely important in the cases of renovations or proposed modifications to a building or structure. In some cases, they can even be added as aesthetic and decorative features but more often, lintels provide structural integrity and may be load bearing. In these cases, it is extremely important to contact our team at Conview to help you select the best option for the job.

Our facility only produces high quality galvanised steel lintel bars that are designed specifically for the construction industry and made to Australian standards. Our products are all fully coated to support against corrosion and to maintain the longevity of your purchase.

We can supply a range of sizes, depending on your needs and ensure everything arrives in a timely manner.

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With experience in every aspect of the steel industry, our team can answer every question you may have. Even if you’re not looking for lintel bars or products, our services encompass a wide variety of steel manufacturing including:

Conview Victoria is a Melbourne based company you can trust. Our entire range comes with industry standard accreditation and is only the very best quality. Phone our team on: (03) 9848 1645 for a quick chat or submit a query with our online contact form. Our team will reply as soon as possible so we can get you started on your project, today.